Beating Minecraft, But I Start in the Nether... Again

11 Rgp 2020
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Today I tried Beating Minecraft, but I start in the nether... again. Yes I've done this challenge once before, but last time it was in an early snapshot version of 1.16, this time it's in the NEW nether! The idea of the challenge is to try Beating Minecraft Starting in the NEW Nether! and my goals in this video is to escape the nether by finding enough obsidian to build a nether portal and escape to the over world! This way I can once and for all answer the question: Can I Beat Minecraft, but Starting in the Nether? Enjoy!
Video idea taken from GameNight, Check out their video here:
"I beat Minecraft, but I start in the Nether. It was hard."
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"Minecraft, But I Start in the Nether"

  • Wadzee I am going to buy your merch and post a videi on my channel

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  • *oh little boy when will you learn.....YOU DONT PLAY WITH FIRE UNLESS YOU WANNA GET BURNED*

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  • Wadzze:builds a trap for piglins Piglins:ahhhhhhhhh Wadzze:big brain mod

  • *Water checkpoint encourages exercise* Me who didn’t know this but was doing push ups for the first 5-6 minutes.

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    • you liking your comments aren’t ya?

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  • the blaze spawners: four take it or leave it

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  • You are so good that you should pvp against Dream

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  • I wish that wadzee knew the boots that he got was a 1.24 percent chance OOF

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  • Wadzee: Water and Exercise Checkpoint! me in a car: ._.

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  • wow i did not expect that much explosive damage on the ender dragon

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  • “Soul speed two” says soul speed 3.

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  • My brain is broken I see Minecraft but I hear terraria

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  • Perhaps start next time in the end??( maybe with some beginning tools) (chorusfruit) (yes its possible) like so wadzee sees this. Lol nvm this video was uploaded 2 months ago

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  • hola!!! la verdad muy bueno video lo disfrute necesito el siguiente grabación los dejo les mando kisses agradecido

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  • Mc fun fact: You can actually mlg with twisting vines!

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  • .

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  • just realized the "getting wood" achievement is gone, and I kinda miss it.

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  • What song did he use for 9:54 in the video?

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  • U can beat minecraft in the nether

    Nachida HedrougNachida HedrougPrieš 24 dienas
  • its dumb to start in nether ......

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  • "im too good at this game" *nearly dies from blazes right after*

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  • bruh since when could you nether gold ore with a wooden pick lol

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  • I may try this myself it looks fun in and all my games I die in the nether so this could help me not die in the nether and experience with it

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  • Wadzee in speedruns: ew stupid disgusting bastion Wadzee in his hardcore series: why can’t I find a bastion

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