Building a Bridge Across the ENTIRE MAP in Fortnite!

17 Grd 2019
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Switchy's Video:
We built a bridge across the entire map in fortnite! Building across the entire map in fortnite from the south side to the north side in an actual game of fortnite! Here's the game plan! we split up into two teams, each landing at opposite ends of the map! We farmed up materials, then started a bridge from both sides of the map, at maximum build height, meeting up in the middle!
Will we be able to build a bridge across the entire map and get a victory royale? while also walking across the entire map in fortnite?...
...This is the ultimate Skybase strategy in fortnite! skybase ovr the entire map
Check Out These Legends!
& HUGE thank you to:
Hobbit, Jen & Soma!
This video was hugely inspired by Lazarbeam! and his video swimming around the entire map in fortnite in an actual game! Check that out here:
Swimming Around The ENTIRE MAP (we won)
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