Can You Actually Beat Minecraft, While ONLY Breathing Underwater? (Part 3)

4 Kov 2020
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PART 3 of MINECRAFT BUT YOU CAN ONLY BREATHE UNDERWATER! If you Enjoyed, Make sure to SUBSCRIBE, let's get WadZee to 200k Subcribers!!
This is Minecraft BUT you can Only Survive Underwater! similar to the challenges Minecraft but everything is underwater, in this video I am using the mercraft datapack, which makes it, so you have to figure out surviving without leaving the ocean.
RoarkCats (Datapack Creator):
Also consider watching my friend's video on this:
Switchy's Video:
"Minecraft, But You Can ONLY Breathe UNDERWATER!"
Minecraft but you cant breathe above water, basically swapping the roles between land and ocean... you suffocate on land but can breathe underwater no worries! It's actually really cool exploring the ocean biomes in minecraft everything is ocean. Its like a minecraft ocean only world!
How far can I go in minecraft while only breathing underwater? If you want to see a part 3 to this challenge make sure to subscribe and show lots of love on this video!
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  • Have you ever played minecraft in creative mode

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