Enslaving Hundreds of Bees in Hardcore Minecraft (#2)

21 Sau 2020
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I MADE A BEE FARM WITH OVER 100 BEES IN HARDCORE MINECRAFT! Hardcore Minecraft isn't hard at all... Today I bring you episode two of the brand new Minecraft 1.15 Hardcore Lets Play and I'll continue to show you that Minecraft Hardcore Survival is TOO EASY!
This is episode 2 of my new Minecraft 1.15 lets play and in this episode I show you how to make a bee farm in minecraft 1.15, first I'll have to show you my first time finding minecraft bees, then I can show you the long process of how I made a 100 bee army in minecraft by Building a giant bee farm! Watch along as WadZee is building the biggest bee farm ever in Hardcore Minecraft, One day i will have an 1000 bee army.
Bees in Minecraft are one of the most complex mobs, and difficult to farm if you don't know what you're doing. Watch this video and I'll show you how to farm bees in minecraft, it's super important to have a campfire under any nest, also silk touch would be a great enchantment for moving bee nests. This is my brand new minecraft bee farm.
*watch the whole series here!
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