I Beat Minecraft by ONLY Walking in a Straight Line (FINALE)

2 Grd 2019
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Can I Beat Minecraft by Only walking in a straight Line? *Spoilers* unfortunately not...
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**This is the ORIGINAL Minecraft Straight Line Only Challenge**
This is Minecraft, but I'm only allowed to walk in a straight line for the whole time. EPISODE 6! That's really all there is to it... welcome to walking in a straight line in minecraft simulator 2019. Can you actually beat minecraft If you want to see more of minecraft but only in a straight line make sure to let me know!
In Episode 6 of this challenge we beat the ender dragon! But is this actually beating the ender dragon in minecraft by only walking in a straight line? Unfortunately not! LEaving the minecraft straight line was necessary in order for us to find a stronghold! We did however manage to get blaze rods and find a fortress while only walking in a straight line so I hope that's impressive enough to you guys..
EDITORS NOTE: Beating Minecraft in a straight line would maybe be possible, if I were to align myself with the end portal frame before I started the challenge... However, even fighting the dragon at the end, the crystals in the cages would be impossible to break without leaving a straight line... so no matter what... I think you need to leave the line at some stage. However, as controversial as this ending may be... I hope you guys enjoyed this series!
"Could I Beat Minecraft by ONLY Walking in a Straight Line? (FINALE)"
ORIGINAL Minecraft Straight Line Challenge Playlist:
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  • Have to pin this comment since I'm not able to reply to you all: around 7:40 you see I only craft half my ender pearls into eyes in case I needed them for something this is why i go from 7-12... because I just crafted more lol stop trying to expose me

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    • Around 10:40 not 7:40 Love the vids

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    • CUSTOM CRAFT TEST he didn’t apologize lol

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  • Haha loved this challenge so much. I applaud you for all the time and effort you put into this. The “anti-climactic” ending as you put it actually put the series into perspective Y’know? I think it was cool for how long you stayed in the line to go out of it for the finale! Plus you couldn’t beat the game without doing that so (^_-)

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  • Did u literally type "Ur mom gay" 12:59 #wadzee

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  • 1:45

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  • How dobyou got 12 enderpearls in one cut 😂🧐

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  • at 1:37 the nether quartz popps out of existance

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  • I love how he talks so unenergetically and down to earth but his editing is just the complete opposite

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  • i beat mc by walking in the same x cords

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  • His shooting accuracy amazes me... I would have used about 2 times the amount of arrows XD

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  • And thats the end of the STRAIGHT line Ur mom gay I-

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  • Nice u used 100 arrows out of your 11

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  • Uh hit dragon's head, I saw him many times hitting backside of dragon and most of time he get's thrown up in the air... So go for the head :)

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  • the music accually made me wanna play batman

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  • After watching this whenever I drive my brain is like, "straight line". It feels really weird.

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  • Omg guys did u see at 8:28 he tottaly stped off the line. I'nm unsubscribing

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  • sword.looting III

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  • When u leaved the line I got a heart attack

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  • 11:28 The Moment when i understand that as a German one

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  • In theory the challenge could be completely legitly possible.

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  • AT 6:21 pause your video when he is fighting the full gold zombie, and you can see, that he is off the line..

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  • the end: UR MOM GAY me: which one u talking about..... how u know??

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  • Hand's off for wadzee he has done hours of hard work. Wadze serious respect✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔📗📗📗

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  • What about the Wither

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  • You should have returned to the line at the end

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  • Spoiler alert: Spiderman is gonna die

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  • You could hv brought beds to the end (explosion dmg does about 1/4 of the dragon's health.

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  • while watching this,an add popped up and in the end , it said by patrick star urm ya.

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  • You can actually get a stronghold in a straight line by just running and running so far

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  • Omg guyz did u see at 8:28 he totally stped off the line. I'nm unsubcsribing *wadzee outro plays*

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  • omg guyz did u see at 8:28 he totally stped off the line. I’nm unsubcsribing

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  • If you plan on doing the challenge again, can you do it on a seed where the stronghold is aligned to your spawn?

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  • to be fair, a minecraft world does generate 128 strongholds, so eventually one could have fallen on the line. But that would take way too long. This was good.

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  • Well, it is actually possible to find the stronghold in your line because there are infinite strongholds in a world but finding one in your line would be much harder than getting the blaze rods

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  • omg guyz did u see at 8:28 he totally stped off the line. I’nm unsubcsribing

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