I Became INVINCIBLE in Hardcore Minecraft (#6)

6 Kov 2020
2 235 475 Peržiūros

Welcome to Episode 6 of my EPIC HARDCORE MINECRAFT LETS PLAY! In Today''s episode we enchant our netherite armour, with the best possible enchants for netherite armour in minecraft! Watch the whole video to find out how I got the strongest armour in hardcore minecraft & how simultaneously I became INVINCIBLE in hardcore Minecraft!
Hardcore Minecraft has never been easier!
*watch the whole series here!
(PLAYLIST) "Minecraft 1.15 Hardcore Survival Lets Play" :
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  • Use Smithing Tables

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  • What is the name of that background music that starts at 0:44? I've heard it before but I can't find what is is.

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  • If only ph1lza had this armor.

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  • I can’t stop looking at this image here’s the timestamp of the image 9:44

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  • idk how, but I got a mending trade for 1 emerald in my hardcore world

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  • Wadzee: now my netherite sword does *10.5* damage but the diamond one is *just 10* Me: i mean like *10* is not that much you know

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  • Was there no smithing table in the first snapshot?

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  • wadzee: *makes netherite armor with new set of diamond armor* smithing tables: are we a joke to you?

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  • You can enchant books and then combine them

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  • Zombies: Attacks Wadzee Wadzee: Oh, so you're approaching me?

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  • I was hoping you to make a joke about drinking invicibility potion lol

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  • Wadzee:We are going to make some bookshelf's, to make a bunch of lecterns, so we can make a bunch of villagers. Me: whaaaaaaa? you mean librarians right? RIGHT?

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  • 6:29 Hee hee in the hole he ez

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  • I have evry max level enchant on my netherite sword except sweeping edge and all max level enchants on my netherite armour except thorns

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  • If you put your diamond armour and tools in a smithing table and put your netherite next to it it keeps the enchants

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