I Made a FULL NETHERITE BEACON in Minecraft Hardcore

22 Spa 2020
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I made a FULL NETHERITE BEACON in Minecraft Hardcore! One of the hardest challenges you could ever do in minecraft, making a beacon out of netherite! How much ancient debris do you need for a netherite beacon? 5,904. This number may seem large but it's much larger than you could even imagine. Making a full netherite beacon took me 200 hours of playing minecraft and is a project I started 6 months ago!
I made this netherite beacon legit in survival, 100% legit, no cheating and ALL ON MY OWN! and this makes me one of the first people in the world to complete the full netherite beacon advancement!
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    • U need a raise for this it takes me hours to 5 netherite u make it look easy

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    • Salute to you Proud of you 🤩🤩🤩🤩

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  • I think Minecraft should add an achievement when you get a full netherite beacon it should say “What year is it?”

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  • I only know like 2 people that have a netherite beacon.... one of them wadzee good job

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  • 9:00 My record is 4 seconds. Just switch gamemode mode and carry a stack and bara bing bara bong you got that debris.

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