I Played Minecraft's Hardest Mod Pack Without Any Help (RL Craft)

8 Grd 2019
808 766 Peržiūros

A Total Noob Beginner takes on Minecraft's Hardest Mod Pack (RL Craft/Real Life Craft), without any guidance, help or cheats!
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I'm sure you've heard of the popular Minecraft Mod Pack, RL Craft! This is well known as minecraft's hardest mod pack! and has become very popular on LTworlds!
Today I tried RL craft for the first time! and I will be attempting, playing rl craft without any help! This is RL Craft without a guide. People will probably tell you that RL Craft is Easy... well boy was I surprised!
Real Life Craft is intended to bring realism and difficulty to the game of minecraft. I am attempting Minecrafts Hardest Mods, without watching any tutorials, guides or getting any help! and trust me when I say this RL Craft is HARD! There is no beginners guide to rlcraft here...
RL Craft is the Best Minecraft Survival Mods for 1.14. But is truly Minecraft with too many mods!
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"G'day guys, my name is WadZee"
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Should I start a Modded Minecraft Survival let's Play? / RL Craft Let's Play?

  • Is it just me or did I just watch one of wadzee’s vids and love him.(Ive been watching him for like half an hr and I think it’s wierd that he’s swears

    Rohaan ThomasRohaan ThomasPrieš 9 dienų
  • You place the wood and then smack it with an ax to get planks

    Leonardo MixLeonardo MixPrieš 13 dienų
  • I want your bgm

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  • Plz start this series

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  • I wish I could play rl craft but my pc is trash

    Ryan the Do it allRyan the Do it allPrieš 24 dienas
  • This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen I love this so so much, if you hold a axe and right click on wood you get planks, also you use flint to break in cobblestone letting you use flint shards and a stick to make a flint knife then use that in grass and you get grass rope and you can use that and flint shards to make a flint axe in the beginning it’s so much easier then getting cobble

    Caleb MannCaleb MannPrieš 25 dienų
  • who else is watching his new rl craft video today lol

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  • Only punch under the tree

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  • Ya know wat dey say experience beats learning or something I have no fcking idea on wat I'm talking about

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  • Wadzee make a series of this and also u need levels to level up ur skillz

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  • Wadzee:play rl craft Me: so you have chosen death

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  • that is how it feels when you play minecraft for the first time.

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  • Wait! How do I uninstall RL Craft

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  • Yes

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  • axe es pawurful 10 atadameg

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  • you fac you nid flint crafting

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  • neat

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  • Wheres the series.

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  • “That’s not how physics works” Yeah, you can’t put fire out with an axe either

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  • pls series

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  • Dude get wood planks by placing wood then tap it with axe

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  • I need 5ton brain to play normal world

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  • The dislike are came from elumunaty

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  • I am 8 months late but It’s goated the way he says “I am doing the thing”-varrick love this channel so much

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  • xp is points you can get it from fishing but you would need 4 levels

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  • play again wadzee

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  • it look so hard with the dragons and demons

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  • I can’t Believe he cursed

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  • Can we just appreciate how he skipped the entire flint stage

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  • Wadzee's next video:"Beating RL CRAFT without any help"

  • Morning your friends out for one have been playing with and he die for many times

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  • I am playing RL craft. It's so crazy and hard

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  • is it a bad thing wadzee? to start a rl craft series?

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  • He could have right clicked the wood logs and got planks

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  • You level up with xp

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  • Pls make a rl craft series

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  • This would've been a fun series if only you did a little bit of research, its not going to spoil the fun at all cuz there's SO MANY things in the pack, and its called RL craft for a reason, you cant just punch trees w/o hurting your hand lol

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  • Do a seria in this modpavk dude

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  • I found a Chinese player playing the same thing ltworlds.info/home/vaizdo-ra-as/yIWGybtreLWqac4.html

    Choco-GachaChoco-GachaPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • PLEASE I WANT A SERIES ON RLCRAFT BY ONE OF LTworlds'S TOP MINECRAFTERS! (I personally view you as as good a player as any member of the Dream Team. You certainly are better than they are at the bow, only perhaps worse at movement but you seem like you have the talent to master that with some parkour practice.)

    Arthur AleksandraviciusArthur AleksandraviciusPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • Series pls

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  • With skill points you can youse and do beter stuf... For aksample if you upgrade armory you can youse beter armoure

    TaniTaniPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • I dont think you need a saw.

    TaniTaniPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • You can make from flint tools then you plase a pease of wood and right click with the flint axe ate the center top...

    TaniTaniPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • Get flint from gravel...

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  • Right click on rocks

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  • More more more more more

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  • Guy do not forget this is the WAA WAA WEEK! 🥳

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  • By the looks of the reply’s on comments, RLcraft seems to have a pretty toxic community.

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  • Its so relaxing to watch these videos before going to bed. Calm ur mind and watch wadzee playing minecraft ^^

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  • I know about leveling up because of to much curse of aros

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