Minecraft, But You Can ONLY SURVIVE UNDERWATER... Again (Part 5)

29 Kov 2020
513 524 Peržiūros

This is Minecraft BUT you can Only Survive Underwater! similar to the challenges Minecraft but everything is underwater, in this video I am using the mercraft datapack, which makes it, so you have to figure out surviving without leaving the ocean.
Mercraft Datapack:
RoarkCats (Datapack Creator):
Minecraft but you cant breathe above water, basically swapping the roles between land and ocean... you suffocate on land but can breathe underwater no worries! It's actually really cool exploring the ocean biomes in minecraft everything is ocean. Its like a minecraft ocean only world!
How far can I go in minecraft while only breathing underwater? If you want to see a part 6 to this challenge make sure to subscribe and show lots of love on this video!
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  • wash your hands guys!

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    • Yes.

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    • @•Wolfie • wash them or get infected little miss I never do that

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    • Sure i never do that lol

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    • Ocean man

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    • Crap

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  • Ocean man

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  • wadzee said to write ocean man, ill write waterboi

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  • The ability to combine enchantments with the anvil was such a good addition to the game. Plus being able to repair your really good tools instead of then just dying

    Tristan RadekaTristan RadekaPrieš dieną
  • ocean man ocean man ocean man i am an ocean man you are an ocean man

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  • you can place 4 end crystals to spawn another dragon and then you can get the dragon's breath

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  • Ocean Man

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  • I love u ocean man no homo

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  • Ocean man (I know I'm late)

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  • Washhans

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  • ocean man

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  • ocean man

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  • Wadzee: ahhhhh it must be under here somewhere! *looks up* Wadzee: there it is!

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  • ocean man, take me by the hand lead me to the land, that you understand,

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  • Ocoan man take me to the Dimond 😂

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  • Ocean man welcome to the sea welcome to the land

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  • ocean man

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  • Ocean man

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  • the x% of people not watching thing has gotten pretty tiring to hear so it's refreshing to hear you making a joke out of it instead

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  • ocean man

    Art ninjaArt ninjaPrieš mėn
  • Hey wadZee I know you've already finished the series but here's an idea Minecraft, But You Can ONLY SURVIVE UNDERWATER Hardcore. I figured it might be harder but I don't know

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  • Ocean man

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  • ocean man, take me by the hand lead me to the land, that you understand

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  • Ocean Man for 3 Times

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  • Ocean man...

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  • Ocean Man

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  • love your vids bro

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  • Yes yes wash your hands +spray covid 19 effective stuff on people that’s how to cure people from covid 19

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  • Ocean Man

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  • Ocean man

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  • oCeAn MaN

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  • Ocean ravines be OP

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  • wadzee: what ever there is, i'll take it. *goes right past 3 veins of redstone*

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  • Ocean man

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  • Ocean women

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  • I wonder if he’ll heart an ocean man from 2020

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  • Government:wash ur hands Wadzee:under water every 35 seconds

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  • WadZee: Hey ghast, you interupted my toilet sitting! *murders*

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  • Emanuel

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  • Who else is watching the entire series Wanting to play Minecraft But too lazy to even get up what changed the app

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  • Ocean man

    random stuff legitnessrandom stuff legitnessPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • Lol okder wadzee is so anti climactic, he's like 'I spent the last embarrassing amount of time' and when he finds it he's like. 'wow we found it'

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  • man under water thing

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  • Minecraft but you are Aquaman

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  • Ocean man

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  • U cant enchant trident with channeling but atleast u tried

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  • Last episode no water checkpoint lmao

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  • Ocean man IDK if I have to do all caps or not

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  • 4:24 nice xp.

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  • Do this in hardcore

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  • I wish this had water checkpoints literally

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  • Wadzee the ocean man

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  • OCEAN MAN ey I watched to the end

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  • Perhaps this pack should become it's own thing, titled, "Ocean Man".

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  • What is the seed

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