Minecraft One Block Skyblock, but it's HARDCORE! (#3)

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Welcome back to One Block Skyblock! The Series of Minecraft Skyblock but you only get one block! The difference is... this time it's HARDCORE One Block Skyblock! What can you achieve in Minecraft but there's only one block? will I be able to survive one block survival minecraft when it's in hardcore? Let's find out!
"Hardcore Minecraft Skyblock, But You Only Get ONE BLOCK"
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I use a bunch of music but a lot of it comes from
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
I recognise this dude has also done this series:
"Minecraft Skyblock, but you only get ONE BLOCK.. (hardcore) #1"
Check out my previous series:
"Minecraft Skyblock, But You Only Get ONE BLOCK""

  • Day 3 was on the second channel just in case you missed it!

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    • Hey wadzee for 2 mil will you have new merch and bring back wawa week

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    • Yee Charger I just had cheese cake and I liked it

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  • What about the name of thee fish is uhhh GoldenFish?

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  • IM PART OF THE WAH WAH TEAM! I am subscribed!

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  • 9:49 but I just drink water 5 minutes ago ;-;

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  • wadzee dont kill the drowned they are friendly they dont hurt the fish or the player they only need water

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  • Name Him AlexTheFish

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  • name him

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  • U have to add sand in the tank

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  • Fish name:tocan

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  • Who else loves TheFatRat? ⬇️

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  • Name something Jefferson

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  • Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳 and wah wah means in hindi is wow wow

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  • I got an ice pop does that count?

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  • I watched three episodes today and each checkpoint has been when I needed it, first was exercise when I had just finished eating so I did 10 push-ups, then water checkpoint when u got thirsty now later I was tired but wanted to watch his vids he said sleep checkpoint like wtf

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  • Big brain plan

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  • I know you plan and tha is yo recorded these videos for this week like before so long and posted it on this week so only you are late

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  • Who else didn’t have water next to them while in the water break and just grabbed the closet thing - mine was a monster energy drink what was yours?

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  • Make lost Atlantis!

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  • I should be naming the yellow fish fishy

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  • name the fish GET SUED

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  • yes another video

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  • it was like 2AM in Poland when I saw that "sleep checkpoint", so I stopped the video and went to sleep haha now I'm back with a bottle of water to continue watching that episode! You're doing a great work, WadZee, keep it up!

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  • Happy fish

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  • I just had water about 15 mints ago for episode 2 this time I didn't

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  • You forgot the turtle

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  • Can you please use the kahoot music iss dope and fun

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    • Why did you do this on his every video yesterday???

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    • Not asking much just asking

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  • Minecraft eggs

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  • 9:38 damn wadzee and shorty got the fatty

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  • I... I just realized that it's weird how Dolphins die when they're inland... I mean... those things don't breathe underwater...

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  • Good videi

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  • Can’t u just put it in a bucket of fish

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  • Complains about not having water area, let's all the fish die, then at the end of the water phase decides to finally build the water area🤣😂 smh...

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  • Lerli

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  • 15:18 what is that song called

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  • go wadzee ya go wadzee sub to wadzee

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  • Well I would've done the water checkpoint but my mom used my bottle for wine the other night like mother######

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  • One block sky block with another person. Maybe hardcore

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  • 1+1=2 2+2=4 4+4=8

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  • i didnt watch the other episodes YET so dont come at me bc its already named i just wanted to name the fish Gilbert

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  • who remembers the old drouwn :(

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  • Imagine when the beat drop of the song hit when he was building the mob spawner he fell to his death XD

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  • Garry

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  • 1:50

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  • I couldn’t do the first two water (in the series) breaks because I was playing Minecraft but after taking that water break I felt happy

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  • whaaat music is he using to build mob sspawner

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  • what was that yaaaah sound effect in wah wah week

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  • Coral that’s his name

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  • name the fish Nilo!

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  • RIP tool durability

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  • F in the chat for dolphin

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  • Gubbers is da fishies nameh

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  • He should name the fish Fish-Zee

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  • Name him whilo because its colors are white and yellow so whilo

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  • WadZee is my fav yt

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  • Your a freaking LEGEND mate

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  • This deosent look hard but it ia and it takes unbeliveably long

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  • If u can plz make a tutorial for this mob farm cos mine doesnt work like u .

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  • WadZee...I can't just go and get myself a glass of water in the kitchen two floors down AT 2:00AM !?!?!!?!?!?

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    • @Channon The dutchie Thanks!

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    • damn. Well hope you're enjoying the house! :D thats kinda cool.

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    • What rich level are you on to have a three story house. A lot of mansions don't even have 3 stories.

      Channon The dutchieChannon The dutchiePrieš 22 dienas
  • Cleo

  • *whatching vid* Wadzee: water break! Get water from your kitchen! Me: I have no kitchen

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  • Mr.pig

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  • It's not fair if his mob farm works and mine doesn't.

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  • I literally paused the video and took a nap 😅

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  • Birb:D

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  • Wadzee didn't deserve to save a dolphin he killed squid when he could have saved it squids are the best!

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    • @Edward Hooper calm down

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    • 😡😡😡😡😡

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    • Unsubbed

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  • Epic

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  • Ur videos r very very good

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  • If you get a bird, it will be Return of Birb

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  • R u ReLaTeD tO lAzArBeAm?! Bc U lOoK a BiT lIkE hIm? JuSt AsKiNg BtW?

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  • hey la verdad re lindo video me gusto necesito el siguiente video los dejo les mando cariños gracias

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    • no. Sleeping is for nerds. it's time to farm potatoes SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK

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  • Name the yellow fish “yellow boi”

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  • i dont like prismarine being pink

    CallMeGonzi (bryztoff on roblox)CallMeGonzi (bryztoff on roblox)Prieš mėn
  • At the end there is a phase that has every phase in it So you can have the dolphin

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  • Y is it only Minecraft LTworldsrs are the ones shows the people who watch

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    • yup!

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  • I didn't know

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  • Egg is fish #67110144.

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