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The number one rule of minecraft is never dig straight down in minecraft! So today i decided to dig straight down in hardcore minecraft! I'm taking digging straight down in minecraft to the extreme! By Digging the biggest hole in minecraft you've ever seen!
*watch the whole series here!
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I use a bunch of music but a lot of it comes from
Kevin MacLeod (
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  • I cant wait for the next episode I just finished watching this series a second time good job wadzee keep up the good work

    Javan PedersenJavan PedersenPrieš 11 val
  • Idea: 100 chickens or 100 iron golems

    bennybennyPrieš 19 val
  • Last

    Arpit DhamiArpit DhamiPrieš 20 val
  • Make it a jumping castles

    No OneNo OnePrieš dieną
  • You should make a gold farm in hardcore! #hardcoreidea

  • IDEA: Build something with honey blocks! Maybe a jar filled with honey?

    Valeria SilvaValeria SilvaPrieš dieną
  • holy whit that is a small hole

    Vilhelm LindgrenVilhelm LindgrenPrieš dieną
  • That "hello" is from ads movie 1-12

    THE ODD oneTHE ODD onePrieš 2 dienas
  • Build a City for your Villagers in the hole

    Proxy NanoProxy NanoPrieš 2 dienas
  • Its SOOOO good when Wadzee Plays Time Lapse music with his Gameplay.

  • plant 10k melons

    Adeline PerryAdeline PerryPrieš 2 dienas
  • Make it Thunderdome

    Ian BaumIan BaumPrieš 2 dienas
  • Make the massive hole into a giant aquarium

    William MearsWilliam MearsPrieš 2 dienas
  • whens ep26

    wai to Howai to HoPrieš 3 dienas
  • #hardcoreidea try to find as many tropical fish variants as you can and make a cool aquarium for the captured fish to be in.

    Jet JaguarJet JaguarPrieš 3 dienas
  • Anyone asking why?? I am thinking that the idea is really gooooooooooddddd

    The Chef ApolloThe Chef ApolloPrieš 3 dienas
  • I enjoyed this video

    mincraft guysmincraft guysPrieš 3 dienas
  • Do episode 26

    green lemongreen lemonPrieš 3 dienas
  • Here's an idea: make a little minecart ride that goes through your entire hardcore world, even in the nether

    Lego GamerLego GamerPrieš 3 dienas
  • Im a kid so I can't have the mearch

    Richard2nd FerrarenRichard2nd FerrarenPrieš 3 dienas
  • Can we have a moment of silence and just appreciate how much he hard work he does just to entertain him

    Alooy hasanAlooy hasanPrieš 3 dienas
  • You know the rules, and so do i

    New_Indo776New_Indo776Prieš 4 dienas
  • #hardcoreidea Wadzee use shulker boxes and get 100 dolphnins also one youtuber called duckio build bigger melon farm than you so you got the challenge

    Nikoloz BarbakadzeNikoloz BarbakadzePrieš 4 dienas
  • no water checkpoint

    NDERNDERPrieš 4 dienas
  • I would like to see wat da music is 9:04

    Marlon FabellarMarlon FabellarPrieš 4 dienas
  • #Haedcoreidea get full netherite beacon

    Zooey Angela LabradorZooey Angela LabradorPrieš 4 dienas
  • I thought it was going to be a meteor strike

    AanTFGAanTFGPrieš 4 dienas
  • every vid i go to the end to make sure u dont die xD

    Xiaojing KongXiaojing KongPrieš 4 dienas
  • where is the next episode??

    dovedovePrieš 5 dienų
  • What about dolphins will you do something to theme i really don't know if you can breed them but if you can just do it pls #WahWahArmy

    theking salh442theking salh442Prieš 5 dienų
  • Question: how does acquiring enderpearls fix your pickaxe, can someone in the comments answer this for me?

    Tarif The Random LifeTarif The Random LifePrieš 6 dienų
    • He got mending on his pickaxe and killing endermans gives you xp

      OGDAR3D3VIL 31OGDAR3D3VIL 31Prieš 5 dienų
  • You should get 100 foxes

    Tj PeteTj PetePrieš 6 dienų
  • Why..... why did you stop doing this series

    Mark BuczMark BuczPrieš 6 dienų
  • He should use that hole to make a bunker

    Chainwarden WardChainwarden WardPrieš 6 dienų
  • How 1 month and almost 45 mil more subs?!?!?

    Xfrim XfrimXfrim XfrimPrieš 6 dienų
  • I dug straight down in Minecraft four times and hit a cave or bedrock

    Ruby RondinaRuby RondinaPrieš 7 dienų
  • Put New video man

  • I think this will be useful

    My name is JeffMy name is JeffPrieš 7 dienų
  • Not sure posible idea: Use the hole to make a mineshaft like village trading hall

    I don't have a nameI don't have a namePrieš 8 dienų
  • make a slime farm!

    Brie FloresBrie FloresPrieš 8 dienų