Surviving the World's Hardest Minecraft Mod!

26 Rgs 2020
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Today I tried surviving the worlds hardest minecraft mod, RLCraft! RLCraft is known as Minecrafts Hardest Modpack, some say Rlcraft is easy, some say RLcraft is hard. Today I put that all to the test while I try surviving RLcraft the worlds hardest mod!
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"I Played Minecraft's Hardest Mod Pack Without Any Help (RL Craft)"
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I use a bunch of music but a lot of it comes from
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  • tips for wazee: reapers are the guys with skill faces and they have a chance to spawn if you sleep or kill a mob. the purple mob is called a blight and can be any mob, and the mobs that have a bar and special abilities also can be any mob. they both drop decent loot sometimes. things can spawn from killing, fishing, mining some ores, breaking crops, and from sleeping. there are also events that spawn many mobs, a good way to survive those is to have a panic room underground to wait in until they despawn. you should try to get a flying mount like a roc, you can tame them using avian treats crafted using 2 bones and 5 cooked chicken. you can use a soul stone on them to make sure they respawn if they die. a flying mount can be used to fly to the large cobblestone towers with an op mini-boss on top. there’s great loot in the top chest where the boss stands. if you want to get rid of it, use a fishing rod 3 times on it and shoot it with a bow, or do the same but use a summoning staff and summon an aegis that is found in villages, you have to look at them to add them to your summoning list. you can fling the golem boss both ways and get the loot. beware being high up also spawns mobs that hit you with floating attacks, like shuckers. if you kill too many elemental mobs, which are aegies, nymphs, the white floating people, djinns, grues, and quite a few more then argus can spawn which is a floating mob that shoots projectiles at you that gives an effect called instability. other mobs like reapers, banshees, green rats, shades, can give you special effects. another tip is to always mark way stones, they are pillars that spawn around the world. they always spawn in villages, and you can teleport from one to another using them, they are also craftable. there are 3 main bosses, Asmodeus, rahovart, and amalgalich. all are hard bosses. you need to get op gear to fight them. baubles are hella helpful items that give you buffs like fire resistance, regeneration, resistance, and many more. I recommend using a dragons eye, 2 resistance rings, an ankh charm, a balloon, and a black dragon scale or a mixed dragon scale when fighting these bosses. in the beginning game, take any baubles but start building up to become more op. a good weapon and armor setup for the is a flamed dragon bone rapier, flames dragon bone longbow, diamond shield, dragon scale armor, or tide guardian armor, and battle burritos, try to get advanced sharpness and protection from librarians, and if possible supreme sharpness, a very op but rare sharpness also found from librarians. a rapier in my opinion is better than a saber since it does more attack speed which is vital when fighting bosses and mobs. also, use sleeping bags if you’re traveling and don’t want to change your spawn point! I can’t note everything so you might need some side research but I hoped this helped! please like it so wazee can see. (p.s if you want tips from a pro ask union or yahiamice) 展开 77 回复

    xian tangxian tangPrieš 21 dieną
    • Bruh so I never really call people out but screw you man. You straight up copied and Pasted that other guys who comment. What a degenerate

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  • 13:30 Ah of course, SKILL.

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